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Basic Exterior Detail

Basic Exterior Detail

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Basic Exterior Detail

Need your car looking new and fresh? We got you covered! Our Exterior Detail will do the trick, this service provides:

-Foam Bath with premium mitts

-Microfiber towel drying

-1 month paint protection sealant

-Deep wheel clean

-Tire Shine

Why Get A Detail?

A Clean car means a happy life! Getting your car detailed professionally can help significantly improve lifestyle while getting that clean car satisfaction. Us detailers also tend to go the extra mile by getting every nook and cranny in your car to give you that customer satisfaction!

Difference Between a Detail And A Car Wash?

A car wash is a quick service that does the very least to keep your car clean. If you go to a car wash, take a look at your paint. Do you see swirls and scratches? If so that is from the machine that whirls around your car cleaning it. Meanwhile a professional detailer cares about your paint and ensures you will get no scratches, sure it will take longer, but your paint quality and cleanliness of your car will last longer also, potentially bringing up your cars value!

How Long Will This Service Take?

It depends on the vehicle size and the condition the car is currently in, once we get to see the car in person we will give you an estimate of how long it will take.



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